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Buc Boosters support our University School Athletic Program.  Come be a part of this organization of "Go, Bucs!" fans!


Meeting Date/Time:  1st Monday of each Month,  6:00 p.m., School Cafeteria


Buc Boosters - Go, Bucs!!!  Buc Booster memberships are on sale for $25.00.  Buc Booster family passes for members are on sale now for $150.00.  This provides entrance for members and all family (i.e., cousins, uncles, grandma, etc.) to all home games of all sports.  Complete  Membership Form  and return with payment to Buc Boosters (mailbox in school office).  Free UH Buc hat will be provided for all family passes while supplies last!  

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University School Athletic Club Boosters Meeting

Monday, August 3, 2015

University School Cafeteria

Board Members Present at the Meeting:                                                                                                                                                                           

Dennis Crouthers                           Stacey Wild                                    

Diane Cohee                                   Angie Metcalf

Dustin Honeycutt                                              


The meeting was called to order at 6:08pm.

The President, Dennis Crouthers, welcomed and thanked everyone for attending.  Dennis gave a brief description of the purpose of the Buc Boosters.  Everyone was asked to review the minutes.  Angie Metcalf made a motion to approve the minutes as typed; Dustin Honeycutt 2nd  the motion, and a vote was taken, and all were in favor.

Finance/Treasure:  Angie presented the books for review.  Diane Cohee requested that $50 would be moved from the softball account to the girls’ soccer account, this is for the soccer team’s help with concession during the softball tournament. 

Secretary:  Membership and Family Passes will be available again this year.  The forms were handed out to all that were present.  Copies are available in the office and a copy of the form will be submitted to the webmaster to be placed on the website.

Athletic Director/Coach’s Report:  Fall sports are getting underway.  The new Boys’ Cross Country Coach is Adam McElroy.  The new assistant coach for Girls’ Soccer is Lindsey Ogle.  The new middle school Cross Country Coach is Joe Fleenor.

A motion was made by Diane Cohee to approve the above Reports, it was second by Dennis Crouthers, all in favor.

New Business:  Wrist bands were purchased for the Soccer Jamboree.  Dennis Crouthers would like to use this concept for all sporting events.  The cost of the arm bands is less than $0.24 each.  A motion was made to adopt this concept for all sporting events, and to reimburse soccer for the previous purchase by Diane Cohee, Dustin Honeycutt 2nd the motion, all were in favor.  Stacey Wild will research and order more arm bands.

Fundraiser ideas were presented:  Spaghetti Dinner, Working the Race at Bristol, and a Parents Dance.  These will be discussed again at the next meeting.

Parent representatives for the individual teams have been established:

Boys CC:  Beth Strickler                          Girls CC:  Lisa Owen

Boys Soccer:  Angie Tolley                     Girls Soccer:  Stacey Wild   

Boys BB:  Michelle Gantz                        GirlsBB:  Michelle Ramsaran

Golf:  Lewis Wexler                                  Cheerleading:

Baseball:  Angie Blevins                          Softball:  Terry Jones

Boys Track:  Beth Strickler                      Girls Track:  Lisa Owen


Voting for new officers:

President:  Dennis Crouthers                           Vice President:  Stacey Wild

President-Elect:  Terry Jones                 Treasurer:  Angie Blevins

Secretary:  Patty Wessner

Old Business:  There is no old business at this time.


With no other new business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

The next meeting will be Monday, September 14, 2015.


Respectfully prepared and submitted:

Diane Cohee

Secretary, University School Buc Booster’s



The University School Athletic Boosters Club is a private, non-profit, 501 © (3), volunteer organization that promotes the athletic programs at the school. Established in 1997, the ‘Buc Boosters” (our more popular name) believe that a successful athletics program is important if not essential for our school community. Our purpose is to encourage public and private support of sports activities. The financial support provided by the boosters is intended as adjunct funds to University School’s support of its athletic programs. Although our financial support is critical, promoting school spirit and building strong community for our school family is essential. We believe that sports are important for building character and developing the student-athlete’s potential to its utmost.


We support University School’s 18 Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity sports teams, over 250 exceptional student-athletes, 11 outstanding coaches, numerous team managers, scorekeepers, and clock keepers who represent our school throughout Tennessee and beyond. We also support our school’s 45 dedicated teachers and administrators who prepare student-athletes academically and characteristically.

Our Bucs’ TSSAA rosters included over 250 names. Over 50 of those participated in multiple sports. They carry a reputation throughout our Watauga Valley Conference and District 1A/AA of having unusually high GPAs and academic standards to play, which are higher than TSSAA requirements. We’re exceptionally proud of our student-athletes. They are determined, and even when not victorious; we believe they are champions on and off the playing field.


Holding many events per year including membership drive, Spirit Rally, Homecoming Dinner, Holiday Poinsettia Sale, Bucs Spirit Wear, and Spaghetti Dinner/Talent Show, Buc Boosters raises enough funds to provide uniforms, banners, equipment and pom-poms, as well as paying tournament fees, sending coaches to clinics and supplementing travel and food expenses.

The annual University School Sports Awards Ceremony is a memorable event when we acknowledge the accomplishments of our sports teams. Buc Boosters presents Outstanding Athlete Awards to the top female and top male athlete at each (freshman-senior) grade level. Two senior athletes are awarded as Outstanding High School Career Athletes recognizing their entire career contribution to University School.


The US Athletics Boosters Club meets on the first Monday evening of each month at 6:00 pm in the Media Center. These are open meetings to all members. Any person, firm, or corporation may become a member of the Boosters Club by an annual donation of $25.00 (basic membership). Other levels of memberships are available. Your membership entitles you to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members. Look for membership forms available in the newsletter, school office and at parents’ meetings. Get to know your team representatives. Check us out on the US website. Show your school spirit and encourage our teams and coaches.

Are you a Booster Club member now? If not, ask us how you can become a member:  Buc Boosters Email Contact (shannon.crouthers@tn.gov)




The following will be used as the guidelines for the awards for Athlete of the Year:


1.    All players will be listed by grade and sex.


2.   Numbers will be assigned to all athletes.


3.   All athletes will be awarded 5 points for each sport they play.


4.   All athletes will be awarded 10 points for each nomination to All-Regional and All-Conference.  (Not all sports have All-District designation, therefore, it will not be used in scoring)


5.   All coaches will be supplied a list of their players, and asked for nominations for each grade.  There will be no limit to the number of athletes a coach can nominate.


6.   After a tally of all points, the Board of the Buc Booster’s will review the anonymous results.  In the event of a tie and/or close results, coaches will be asked to aid in the final decision.  The coaches will receive a ballot with the athletes names.


7.   Any athlete that collects a landslide of points, coach’s input will not be needed.


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