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Meeting Time:  3:30 p.m. in 3rd Grade Classroom (Room 103)    *New time for 2015

Meeting Date:  2nd Monday of each month

2015-2016 Meeting Dates: August 10,  October 12, November 9, January 11, February 8, April 11, and May 9th


Two Week Order Time-frame





This year, we sold approximately $22,500 and will keep somewhere between $9,000-$10,000 of that! This is a great start for our outdoor space overhaul! Thank you to everyone who sold, donated, or posted things on Facebook.


Okay, so on to pick up instructions. They will be delivered to us on Tuesday, September 8 (this is also the Mega Party date for all the K-8 parents). We should have this ready to start handing out by around 12-ish. However, if you are there earlier for the Mega Party and want to see if your stuff is in then you can stop by the gym and check.


Here's how this will work:


1. You, or your designated cookie representative, will come to the gym and tell us your name. Someone will be there from 12-5.


2. We will get you your box o' goodies.


3. You will sign for the box and carry it off to bring cookie and gift happiness to all your friends and family. In exchange for this happiness you will take their money (if they didn't already pay you).


4. Bring the money back and turn it in to the Foundation and your child will get the prizes that s/he earned. I know, it's sort of a prize hostage situation but as long as you give us the money then no prizes will be harmed.


....Oh yes, speaking of money, if you can (you don't absolutely have to do this) but it would be better if the people paid you and you wrote 1 check or gave cash to the Foundation. Why? Well, sometimes loving family members will write us bad checks. They don't love us like they do you and they are much less likely to write you a check that bounces than they are us! When we have a bad check we then have to pay fees and that eats up any fundraising profit we made on that particular item.


We will also be around on Wednesday afternoon (from 2-4).


ALL COOKIE DOUGH AND GIFTS MUST BE PICKED UP BY WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. Because of fall break, there is no way to store this stuff where it will not go bad. If you have a concern or problem picking up, please email me at


Thanks, Kelly Foster


2015-2016 Fundraising Chair.

The Mega Party will be on Tuesday, September 8th.  All students will be able to attend!








officer list

We welcome and need your involvement in the University School Foundation because the Foundation directly impacts your children!

What does the University School Foundation do?
We operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes. More specifically, our Foundation works to support, improve, and continue the University School of East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee.

How does the Foundation raise money?
We organize fundraisers. Traditionally, we have a Cookie Dough Sale in July-August and a Plant Sale in May. An opportunity to make monetary donations directly to the Foundation for other projects is also available. Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated and all donations are tax deductable.

What does the Foundation do with money that is raised?
We fund requests from teachers which may include tools and materials, curriculum (educational materials), and technology.

Who can be a member of the Foundation?
Any parent/guardian of a University School Student who subscribes to the purposes of the Foundation.

When does the Foundation meet?
2nd Monday of the Month at 3:30pm. Meetings begin in August and we do not meet during breaks.

Where does the Foundation meet?
In the 3rd Grade Classroom (Room 103)

What are some of the Volunteer opportunities?
Volunteer Committee
Using these completed forms the coordinator and this committee will plug volunteers into various events throughout the year via telephone calls or emails. This is a great way to meet people.

Box Tops Committee
You know those box top labels you see on products in the grocery store? Well, they can add up to a lot $ for our school. Our coordinator could use one or two committee members to help collect, count, and mail box tops throughout the year. These committee members will collect box tops twice a year (Spring and Fall) and total time necessary is about 5 hours.

Field Day Committee
Everyone loves Field Day! If you choose this, you'll work one on one with Coach Cradic to coordinate volunteers for the special day. Committee members will spend 1-2 hour’s pre field day and can spend up to 7 hours on field day.

Hospitality Committee
Let's make our teachers feel special with some hospitality. As a member you will work along side the coordinator, to help with school wide teacher appreciation projects (i.e. breakfasts/lunches), teacher appreciation week, and other special events your group may decide upon together. Committee members will help with these special events throughout the year, total time necessary is 1-2 hours per event.

Spring Fundraiser Committee
Every spring, around Mother’s Day, University School sponsors a plant sale. Our Fundraising Coordinator could use several committee members to help with the planning and coordination of the plant sale. Committee members will help with this once a year event for several weeks before with planning and during the event; total time necessary is 5-10 hours.

Fall Fundraiser and Committee
Work with Fundraising Coordinator and the University School Foundation board to plan and execute the fall fundraiser, collection of money, and distribution of materials. Time needed 4-5 hours planning, 4-5 hours collecting and tallying monies, 12+ hours distributing. (This committee needs several members)

Community Service Committee
If you like to help others than this is for you. Team up with the coordinator and University School faculty and help with “Drives”. Canned food drives, coat drives, clothing drives, etc. Time needed varies with each drive.

Special Events Committee
Volunteers in this area will help with school special events like “Pickin’ in the School Yard”, Annual Musical Productions, School Beautification Days, Middle School Mixer, etc. The Special Events Coordinator and you will work with the University School Faculty member or foundation representative for each grade level. Time needed varies with each event.

Come to a meeting! Join us! Participate in fundraisers!

How can you get more information? Contact any of the members listed above or just come to a meeting.




Printable Funding Request Application


University School faculty and staff may apply for funding through the Foundation by completing a Funding Request Application. Email or return to Leisa Harvey   or Amy Benton at




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