Helping Hands (PTO)


The mission of Elementary Helping Hands is to build a strong, caring school community focusing on positive ways to influence and enrich the lives of the children at  University School.

The elementary team has decided to call our PTO  a different name so not to be confused with other PTO’s or PTA’s – Elementary Helping Hands.

The first meeting of the new University School PTO was held on August 17th.  The following minutes were recorded:

University School PTO Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2010

Meeting Leader: Sharon Cradic

Minutes Keeper: Kara Pollock

-Sign up sheet passed

-Description of other PTO’s

            Suggested Ideas:

·         Spirit Week for elementary (pajama day, etc.)

·         Family Fun Night (Lunch Box 101)

·         Bowling Night

·         Skating (Family)

·         Baseball Games

·         Popcorn & Pickles

·         Teacher Appreciation Week

·         Donuts w/ Dads, Muffins w/ Moms

·         Elementary Dances

·         Storytelling/Arts night

·         TCAP snack pack

-Meeting not necessarily needed, communicate through email, telephone, etc. website

-Each grade should try and plan their own “Family Nights” to get to know each other better

-Would like apples posted on website

-Have 2 moms/parents per grade who communicate /distribute info to their class each month

-Fall festival (large event where each grade is responsible for a portion)

-Buc Boosters already does a Fall Festival geared toward older students

            ~Possibly expand Fall Festival

-Sign up sheet passed for representatives for each grade

-ETSU 100 Year Celebration?

-Assemble school directory

-Meetings? Teachers involved?

            ~Start with getting parents involved

            ~Get Penny or someone to add to website

-Flush out a calendar

-Do something before break?

            ~Maybe CPA/Potluck (Thursday before break, 9/16, possibly)

-Try for something once every quarter

-Grade representatives responsible for 1 quarter or big event

-Possibly meet again after 1st event to discuss and improve on ideas

Decisions Made/Beginning Events & Projects

o   Elementary Family Night, Thursday September 16, 2010

Pot Luck Dinner/Swimming for all

                  Sharon Cradic will check on this

o   Christy Weems made form for all elementary classes to start directory

o   Welcome back signs in all classrooms after break a long with a small gift (pencil, candy, etc.) for students and maybe something for the teacher as well (don’t forget “specials” rooms and teachers)

o   Parents who volunteered to represent each grade:

Ø  K – Tiffany Peterson, Nicole Shields, Wendy Watkins

Ø  1st – Janine Berning, Kara Pollock, Katie Ryan

Ø  2nd – Julia Vargo, Sharon Cradic

Ø  3rd – Dawn Arapakos

Ø  4th – Kathleen Ecay, Debbie Johnson, Kara Pollock, Julia Vargo

Ø  5th- Janine Berning, Christy Weems

§  These parents are responsible for the upcoming events and projects (Elem. Family Night and Welcome Back Project)

To Do List:

Put calendar together for teacher’s birthday to remember

Need someone to volunteer for official secretary, and Co- PTO leaders


Thanks to all for coming.  Let’s focus on the positive things we can do for our children and our school!