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Forms and Policies

Faculty Handbook
Promotion & Tenure Forms
General Curriculum Forms
Syllabus Guidelines & Format
Student Promotions Committee Guidelines

Definitions and Criteria for Faculty Tracks, and Promotion and Tenure

  • Descriptions of Faculty Tracks:  Full Academic Track; Modified Academic Tracks; Volunteer / Clinical Tracks
  • Minimum Criteria for Promotion in Each Track
  • Definition of Tenure
  • Pre-Tenure Review Process
  • Criteria for the Awarding of Tenure

Faculty Activity Plan, Review / Evaluation and Scholarly Activities Forms

MS Word Format
FAP Word.doc
FAR Word.doc
FAE Word.doc
FAPFARFAE for Full Professors Word.doc

Rich Text Format (Word Perfect)
FAP Rich Text Format.rtf
FAR Rich Text Format.rtf
FAE Rich Text Format.rtf
FAPFARFAE for Full Professors Rich Text Format.rtf

Surgery Academic Faculty Report Template.doc  (Version 03/17/2015)


Last Updated: 07/12/2016


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