Exchanging ideas and information with colleagues from other institutions is a great way to learn about educational/professional issues.  The following listservs may be of interest to you.

AAMC-STAT - a one-way list with weekly news from the American Association of Medical Colleges.  TO SUBSCRIBE: Send e-mail to .  Type only the words "subscribe aamcstat" as the message body.  You do not need to include a subject for the message.

DR-ED - a discussion forum maintained by the Office of Medical Education Research and Development (OMERAD) at Michigan State University for those interested in medical education.  TO SUBSCRIBE:  Send e-mail to .  In the message body type "SUBSCRIBE DR-ED " (without the quotation marks and < >).

FAMILY L - a listserv primarily for family medicine faculty addressing issues relating to teaching, research, and/or administration in family medicine.  TO SUBSCRIBE: Send a message with information about yourself and your academic interests to Max Crocker, M.D. at or Craig L. Gjerde, Ph.D. at .

FAM-MED - a list begun in 1990 dedicated to the use of information technology in Family Medicine.  TO SUBSCRIBE: For unmoderated version, send one line e-mail message "SUBSCRIBE FAM-MED " (without quotes or brackets).  To subscribe to moderated digest, write to .

G.R.I.P.E. - discussion group established by the Group for Research in Pathology Education to address generally medical school education and more specifically issues related to teaching Pathology.  TO SUBSCRIBE: Contact Joseph A. Price, Ph.D. at introducing yourself in a few sentences including your area of interest (Ex: lectures, small groups, CAI, etc.).

MED-ED - a listserv developed by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) to facilitate discussion among developers and users of medical education software.  TO SUBSCRIBE: Send message to simply stating "Subscribe med-ed" (no message subject).

PBLIST - list devoted to the discussion of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and related approaches to learning in the health sciences.  Subscription information for this list is available at

If you have suggestions for additions to this list that might be of interest to your colleagues, please with those suggestions.  If you find one of the above links is no longer working, please report it so we can fix it.