M1 Curriculum

QCOM's Institutional Educational Objectives serve as a foundation for our undergraduate medical education program (see the MSEC page).

The Weekly Schedule provides a basic layout, see the course syllabus for daily specifics.  These meeting times, dates and exams are identified by the Course Directors.  All schedule information is subject to change and is superseded by information posted in Desire2Learn [D2L] an online Course Information Tool.

First year medical curriculum:

Schematic by week and course

Click on each of the files below to view / print an Adobe version of the documents.  If you have any questions call 423-439-6327.  

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Semester Exam Schedule, Spring 2016
Weekly Schedule M1, Spring 2016

Semester Exam Schedule, Fall 2015
Weekly Schedule M1, Fall 2015

Semester Exam Schedule, Spring 2015
Weekly Schedule M1, Spring 2015

Semester Exam Schedule, Fall 2014
Weekly Schedule M1, Fall 2014

Semester Exam Schedule, Spring 2014

Semester Exam Schedule, Fall 2013
Weekly Schedule, Fall 2013

Semester Exam Schedule, Spring 2013
Weekly Schedule, Spring 2013

Last Update:  07/20/2015

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