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M-3 Curriculum

M3-M4 Curriculum Summary Grid

Junior Clerkship Descriptions

Eight 6-week required Clerkships

Generalist Track:

Community Medicine Jr. Clerkship

The Community Medicine Clerkship is based in Sevierville, TN and is designed to expose students to the multiple components of a health care system necessary to deliver care to a community.  Roughly half of the clerkship will be in the clinical care settings working with physicians and other health care professionals from a variety of specialties in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  The other half will be spent in the community participating in a variety of experiences designed to create understanding of common health needs of the community, the impact of culture on health, health education, methods to reach underserved populations, and the nonclinical roles of physicians in the community.  Each group of students will participate in a community project during the clerkship as well as a rural outreach health fair focused on delivering preventive services to rural underserved areas.  Housing will be provided.

Family Medicine Jr. Clerkship

All students will be assigned to a ETSU Family Medicine clinic in Bristol, Kingsport or Johnson City for their Family Medicine Clerkship. Students will be involved with outpatient activities at their assigned ETSU Family Medicine clinic and the inpatient service at the clinic’s associated hospital: Bristol Regional Medical Center, Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport or the Johnson City Medical Center.  Each clinical site will develop their students’ schedules for when they will be working in the clinic and in the hospital. All students will participate in home visits arranged through the social worker at each clinic.  Clinical assignments will be based on departmental needs/clinic availability, taking into account student requests and special needs. Therefore, clinical assignment for a particular location cannot be guaranteed.

Internal Medicine Jr. Clerkship

The Junior Internal Medicine Clerkship experience is six weeks of inpatient medicine. Each student will spend 3 weeks at two different facilities, Veteran's Administration Medical Center, Johnson City Medical Center, or Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport, as part of a ward team.  During each three-week period students will admit and follow patients as part of the ward team.

Obstetrics/Gynecology Jr. Clerkship

All students will be assigned to Johnson City Medical Center.  Students will spend 2 weeks in Obstetrics (low risk, high risk, labor and delivery, clinics, and ultrasound), 2 weeks in Gynecology (operating room, ETSU Physician/Ob-Gyn clinics, and ultrasound), and of the remaining 2 weeks  will be split between two of the following three areas,  Reproductive Endocrinology, Urogynecology, or in a Private clinic.  Students will be arbitrarily assigned based on clinical need and faculty availability.

Pediatrics Jr. Clerkship

The Department of Pediatrics utilizes one hospital based facility: Niswonger Children’s Hospital at Johnson City Medical Center.  Students are assigned arbitrarily to ward and nursery rotations at Niswonger and ambulatory clinics at ETSU Physicians and Associates.  All students have ward, nursery, NICU and ambulatory experiences (general pediatrics and specialty pediatrics) during their 6 week rotation.

Psychiatry Jr. Clerkship

The Department of Psychiatry conducts the majority of clinical training experiences at the Mountain Home Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (adult inpatient) and Woodridge Hospital (adult inpatient, child/adolescent inpatient services, ICU psychiatry inpatient).  Additional training sites include ETSU Psychiatry Clinic in Building 52 (outpatient adult, outpatient child/adolescent service) and Mountain Home Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (outpatient telemedicine, outpatient MHC/PTSD clinic).  All students spend a specific amount of time at each clinic rotation site/unit.  They are also assigned outpatient service experiences during the clerkship.  Assignment is based on clinical need, faculty availability and curriculum requirements.

Specialty Jr. Clerkship

This clerkship consists of three 2 week blocks.  One of these will be a subspecialty of internal medicine, one will be a subspecialty of surgery, and one will be chosen from another specialty.  This third block may not duplicate an experience otherwise available on a required clerkship but should result in the student’s exposure to a different specialty of interest to the student.   During each two week block the student will be assigned to work with a physician practicing in the specialty.  The student will be involved in evaluating new patients, following established patients, and writing consultation notes. The student should observe and/or assist with procedures commonly performed within the subspecialty.  The student should become familiar with the most commonly encountered diagnoses for the subspecialty.  Through reading and actual interpretation of results the student should understand the interpretation of diagnostic studies appropriate to the specialty.

Surgery Jr. Clerkship

During the Surgery Clerkship each student will be assigned a General Surgery rotation for three weeks at one of the three sites (VA Medical Center, Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport, or the Johnson City Medical Center).  At the end of the three weeks the student will be reassigned to another one of the General Surgery rotation sites.  While the focus of experiences will be General Surgery, the student will be exposed to Trauma/Critical Medicine and Vascular Surgery. All students will work with assigned Surgery Physicians and/or Surgery Residents at each location to facilitate feedback both directly and formally. The rotation assignments will be based on Surgery Physician and/or Surgery Resident availability and space availability.  The Surgery Clerkship assignments will be made available on New Innovations- Intranet prior to the beginning of each Surgery Clerkship rotation.

Rural Primary Care Track (RPCT):

Rural Primary Care Rural Track Jr. Clerkship

Students in the RPCT track rotate through the Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Specialties, and Surgery Jr. Clerkships with the Generalist Track students and take this 12-week clerkship instead of both the Family Medicine and the Community Medicine Clerkships.  Clerkship students will be assigned to either Rogersville or Mountain City for up to 12 weeks.  Students will combine both family medicine and community medicine activities during the clerkship, including participation in a rural health fair for 2-3 days along with the students on the Community Medicine clerkship.  Students have an option of doing a 2-week or 4-week away Ob/Gyn rotation or remaining at their assigned site for the entire rotation. Schedules are worked out the first day of the clerkship with the preceptor, clerkship directors, and coordinators for each prospective site. Housing is provided.

Revised:  2/23/12

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