M-4 Curriculum

M3-M4 Curriculum Summary Grid

The  "Guide to the Senior Year" 2010-2011provides information about the courses and structure of the senior year curriculum.   Click Forms for Senior Year

The 2010-2011 Senior Elective Catalog provides a syllabus for each available elective.    

AAMC’s Away Electives Database:  http://services.aamc.org/eec/students/
This allows you to search by school, see their home page and visiting student page / requirements along with contact person and information.

AAMC’s VSAS site: http://www.aamc.org/programs/vsas/
Electronic application system used by some schools for applying for visiting electives.

Medical Schools of the U.S. and Canada - Geographical Listing

QCOM NBME / USMLE information page:  http://www.etsu.edu/com/acadaffairs/studentinfo/nbme/default.aspx
Provides you with links and general information

BLS Renewal Contact:  Certification Classes at Johnson City Medical Center.
Call Organizational Development Office Lana Poser, at 431-7159 to schedule a re-certification date and time.

Questions: Cathy Peeples, M.P.H., Medical Education Coordinator, 439-6311

Residency Application Process click 
Residency Information