Textbooks and Equipment

Use of "peer reviewed" textbooks / online resources is instrumental in developing your ability to critically assess / analyze information.  The structure provided in the "Table of Contents," chapter headings and sub-headings, along with the Index provide insight to key concepts and will assist you in mastering this new knowledge. 

The M1 Study Skills Session covers use of "Mind Mapping tools," study guides, textbooks as well as organization and time management.

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Listed below are sources for purchase of textbooks and equipment.  The QCOM Library maintains a reserve a copy of textbooks, go to: http://com.etsu.edu/medlib/

Each course syllabus will identify required and/or recommended textbooks , selected by faculty / Course Directors.  Click this link to log in to the Learning Management System (Desire 2 Learn - D2L).  

M1 / M2 Textbook List, Spring 2014

M1 / M2 Textbook List, Fall 2013
M1 / M2 Textbook List, Spring 2013

M1 / M2 Textbook List, Fall 2012
M1 / M2 Textbook List, Spring 2012  

Amazon Tri-County Medical (equipment sales)
Barnes & Noble Inkling

The College Store
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or www.thecollegestore.com/etsu  

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