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Match Day Ceremony

During the third week of March, the graduating class meets at 11:00 a.m. for the official “Match Ceremony.”  You should plan to arrive around 10:45 for seating.  A light lunch is provided by the ETSU Alumni Society.

Match envelopes are distributed (in random order) to the senior class, and once all have been handed out, the group opens their NRMP Match Letter.

Those students who participated in "Early Match Programs" (SFMatch, Urology or Military) received their results in December and January.

This ceremony is usually held at the Millenium Centre.  Arrangements are made between the Class Officers and the University Alumni Office (439-4218).

Who Attends:  You, your spouse, children, and immediate family members.  Regional media are typically present for this event to interview you and your family.

Appropriate Attire:  Dressy

Parking:  Parking Garage at the Millennium Centre

Match Results

Last Update:  05/10/16

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