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26th Annual Alzheimer's Symposium Syllabi

Day 1:

Implementing Tennessee's State Plan for Alzheimer's Disease - Janice Wade-Whitehead, Executive Director Alzheimer's Tennessee, Inc. State Task Force Citizen Chairperson

Governor's Update on "The State of Aging in TN" – Highlights from the Aging Summit - Patti Killingsworth

An Overview of the Alzheimer's Outreach and Registry Program and the National Alzheimer's Plan - Helen Matheny, MS

What Role Does Genetics Play in Alzheimer's Disease? - Tricia A. Thornton-Wells, PhD

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New Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease - Alexander Osmand, PhD

Legal Planning Issues with Alzheimer's Disease - Kelly Guyton Frere

The Caregiver Path: Kind Decision Making - Viki Kind, MA, Clinical Bioethicist

Day 2:

Immunotherapeutic Strategies for Alzheimer's Disease - Cynthia A. Lemere, PhD

BioMarkers and Pre Clinical Diagnosis - John H. Dougherty, Jr, MD

The Differential Diagnosis of Dementia in Primary Care - Daniel D. Christensen, MD

Alzheimer's Disease Primary Care Treatment Strategies - Monica K. Crane, MD

Dementia: Delivering the Diagnosis - Daniel D. Christensen, MD

Frontotemporal Dementia/Disorder Presentation and Management in Primary Care - Monica K. Crane, MD

Dementia Associated with Lewy Body and Parkinson Disease - Karen A. Mullins, DO

Driving and Other Acts of Independence - John H. Dougherty Jr, MD

Diagnosis for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer's Disease - An Oak Ridge Dementia Research Update - Joseph C. McBride

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