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Kingsport Tomorrow History

Conference History:

The patient management challenges facing primary care providers today are endless. Which patients should be referred to a higher level of sub-specialty care? Which patients can be managed within the confines of the office? A potential practice gap was recognized and efforts were put forth by the conference planners to close that gap with topics at each yearly conference.

Two years ago, the leadership teams at Kingsport Tomorrow and Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center set in motion the development of an all-day medical education event, for local and regional physicians and nurses, focusing on issues relevant to the region's primary care providers. Kingsport Tomorrow with its stated goals of initiating and facilitating citizen-led projects and Holston Valley Medical Center, the region's leading provider of healthcare services, formed a partnership. The first Regional Healthcare Symposium was held in November 2010 and deemed a success. Plans were developed at that time to make this program an annual offering.


Kingsport Tomorrow

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