Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds - 8:00 - 9:00 AM, Fridays




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  • yes  October 3: ”Dyspareunia After Prolapse Surgery“ Tristi Muir, M.D.
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  • yes  October 10: ”Causation of Cervical Cancer“ Harry W. Haverkos, M.D. **from 9am to 10am, Ground Floor, Stanton-Gerber Hall**
  • no October 10: **ELLIE PRYOR LECTURESHIP: 11AM** ”Government Responds to HIV/AIDS,“ Harry W. Haverkos, M.D. (11am at Stanton-Gerber Hall, Ground floor, Noon Lecture)
  • no   October 17: Journal Club
  • yes   October 24: ”TBA“ George Davis, M.D.
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  • yes   October 31: 'Nutritional Supplements in Infertility'; Norman Assad, M.D. & Natalie Burke
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