Confocal Microscopy Core Facility

The Leica TCS SP II Confocal Microscope System allows users to perform the following applications:

  • The electronic zoom provides additional magnification at a high resolution.
  • Multiple optical sections can be collected and combined to create a z-series, which can then be used to create a 3-D image.
  • Sequential scanning (for two fluorescent labels) makes it possible to excite each dye independently, so there is no cross-talk between channels. The resulting images can be superimposed to compare labeling.
  • Phase contrast and differential interference contrast (DIC) techniques can be used in conjunction with fluorescent image collection so that the location of fluorescent labeling within a cell or tissue is easily determined.
  • Many other advanced applications, such as time-lapse imaging and multicolor analysis are also available.

Fee Schedule:

This Fee Schedule was prepared after reviewing the rate schedules of several other universities with similar confocal microscopy facilities. Listed are rates for technical support and instrument use. The hourly rates listed below are charged regardless of the application being used.

Use of Leica TCS SP II Confocal Microscope System:

Unassisted(for approved users who have received required training) $50/h
Assisted (the facility manager will operate the system or provide technical assistance) $75/h
Training (Training is available for approved users who foresee extensive use of the system and who wish to become unassisted users. The person must undergo 4 hours of training, then complete 14 hours of use as an assisted user before they will be allowed to use the system unassisted)
*When a user needs technical assistance, the "Assisted" rate of $75 per hour will be charged.

Intended Use of Fees Collected:

Any funds collected as a result of the fees listed in the Fee Schedule are intended for:

  1. Purchase of expendable supplies necessary for the operation of the CMCF.
  2. Alleviation of the cost of the service contract for the Leica TCS SP II Confocal Microscope System.
  3. Purchase of replacement equipment and payment of other expenses incurred in the CMCF as needed.

Contact Information
Confocal Microscopy Core Facility
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Box 70577
Johnson City, TN 37614
Bldg. 119, Room 149C (Office),
Room 149D (Scope Room)
Phone (423) 439-8322


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