Cherie Bond

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Assistant Director MBCF
Director of LCM Facility

Contact Info:

Department of Biomedical Sciences

James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Carl A Jones Hall (Bldg 1)
Room 1-29
Phone:  423-439-6791


1992           B.A.        Biology, Summa cum Laude
                                   Minor: Chemistry|
                                   University of Southern Maine

2000            Ph.D.     Human Medical & Molecular Genetics
                                    Minor: Neurobiology
                                    Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics
                                    IndianaUniversitySchool of Medicine
                                    Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis

1999-2000                 Visiting Scholar
                                    Center for Research on Addictive Disease
                                    The Rockefeller University, New York

2001-2002                 NIDA Postdoctoral Fellow
                                    Stephan Hatos Center for Neuropharmacology
                                    University of California at Los Angeles

2002-2004                 Postdoctoral Research Associate
                                    Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
                                    University of Bath, UK

2004-2010                 Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow
                                    Department of Pharmacology
                                    The University of Oxford, UK

Research Interests:

1.  Neurobiology
2.  Gliobiology
3.  Cellular Stress Responses

Lab Members:

Irmine Milord – Nursing Major – Community Neuroscience Education Outreach Project
Jessica Woodby – Biology Major – Laboratory Technician


Bond CE, Patel P, Crouch L, Tetlow N, Day T, Abu-Hayyeh S, Williamson C, Greenfield SA (2006)  Astroglia up-regulate transcription and secretion of ‘readthrough’ acetylcholinesterase following oxidative stress. European Journal of Neuroscience, 24: 381-386. 

Bond CE, Greenfield SA (2007) Multiple cascade effects of oxidative stress on astroglia.  Glia, 55(13): 1348-1361.  

Greenfield SA, Zimmermann M, Bond CE (2008) Non-hydrolytic activities of acetylcholinesterase. FEBS Journal 275:604-611.  

Bond CE, Zimmermann M, Greenfield, SA (2009) AChE C-terminal peptides upregulate nicotinic receptor expression and alter receptor binding parameters. PLoS ONE 4(3): e4846.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004846.  

Halliday AC, Kim O, Bond CE, Greenfield SA (2010) Evaluation of a technique to identify acetylcholinesterase C-terminal peptides in human serum samples. Chemico-Biological Interactions 187(1-3):110-4.