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Dr. William L. Joyner



William Joyner
Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences

Contact Information:
Stanton-Gerber Hall (VA 178)
Room A100


B.S.          1965   Davidson College
M.S.P.H.  1967   UNC, Chapel Hill
Ph.D.        1971   UNC, Chapel Hill

Research Interests:

Research lies in the area of general cardiovascular pathophysiology.  Specifically, control of solute and water transport and blood flow in small blood vessels, micro-circulation and vascular cell biology.  Cellular basisfor mechanistic alteration(s) of the vascular wall innormal, hypertensive, diabetic and alcoholic environments.We are monitoring intracellular signalling pathways inendothelial cells after activation with inflammation agonists.  Thus, inflammation, injury, and ischemia are investigated using in vivo and in vitro models.


Xie, Z., Singh, M., Siwik, DA., Joyner, W.L., Singh, K. Osteopontin inhibits interleukin-1?-stimulated increases in matrix metalloproteinases activity in adult rat cardiac fibroblasts: role of protein kinase C-zeta. J. Biol. Chem. 2003, 278:48546-48552.

Tang, T. and B.A. Connelly and W.L. Joyner. Heterogenity of endothelial cell function for angiotensin conversion in series-arranged arterioles.  Journal of Vasacular Research 1995:32:129-137

Kern, D.F., L.I. Holtsclaw and W.L. Joyner. Bradykinin's effect on tracheal microvessel pressure flow and permeability.  Am. J. Resp.and Crit. Care Med., 151(4), 1995.

Pass, J.M., B. Connelly, N. Robinson, and W.L. Joyner.  Protein kinase C and its regulation in endothelial cells by bradykinin.  Microcirculation 4:(1):178, 1997.

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