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Dr. Michael Sinensky


Michael S. Sinensky, Ph.D.

Professor  Emeritus on half-time appointment

Contact Information:
J. H. Quillen College of Medicine, ETSU       
Department of Biomedical Sciences 
Box 70581, Johnson City TN 37614

Phone:  Lab-(423) 439-2026
            Office-(423) 439-8013
FAX: (423) 439-2030

  Room B030 Building 178, VA Campus

  • 1966 B.A., Chemistry, Columbia College, New York, New York
  • 1972 Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Interdisciplinary Association

Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine, Quillen College of Medicine, ETSU Cardiovascular Research Institute

Research Interests

Genetic and metabolic regulation of biosynthetic enzymes in mammalian cells utilizing isoprenoid biosynthesis as a model system.

 The structure-function relationships of membrane lipids, the mechanism of regulation of membrane lipid composition and the role of structural parameters of cell membrane lipids in regulation of their biosynthesis.

 The role of mevalonate metabolism in mammalian cell-cycle progression.  Structure and function of prenylated proteins.  Of particular current interest is the role of prenylation dependent processing of the nuclear lamina proteins in regulation of cell growth and metabolism.

Our laboratory is currently working primarily on the functional significance of posttranslational modifications of proteins with isoprenoids, particularly with regard to the nuclear lamin proteins and p21ras. We are also interested in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism in mammalian cells and its relationship to atherogenesis.

The role of apoptotic induction in vascular cells in the development of atherosclerosis

The signal transduction pathway of oxysterol induced apoptosis. 


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