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Providence College, Providence, RI, A.B. (Biology), 1957
St. John's University, Jamaica, NY, M.S. (Physiology), 1959
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, Ph.D. (Anatomy), 1963

Academic Positions:

Cornell University Medical College, New York, NY
   Research Fellow in Anatomy, 1963-1964
   Instructor in Anatomy, 1964-1966
   Assistant Professor of Anatomy, 1966-1967
Louisiana State University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA
   Assistant Professor of Anatomy, 1967-1969
   Associate Professor of Anatomy, 1969-1970
Birth Defects Institute, NYS Department of Health, Albany, NY
   Director, Embryology Laboratory, 1970-1977
Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
   Research Associate Professor of Toxicology, 1970-1977
   Research Associate Professor of Anatomy, 1972-1973
   Associate Professor of Anatomy, 1973-1977
   Acting Chairman, Department of Anatomy, 1975-1976
   Professor of Anatomy and Toxicology, 1977
East Tennessee State University College of Medicine,
Johnson City, TN
   Professor of Anatomy, 1977-1994
   Chairman, Department of Anatomy, 1977-1994
   Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, 1987-1999
   Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology, 1994-
   Chairman, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, 1994-

Professional Activities and Honors:

Participant in the Marine Embryology Program, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA (1961).

Guest Lecturer in Embryology, New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY (1966).

Member, Science Advisory Board, National Center for Toxicological Research, Food and Drug Administration, USDHEW (1976-1979).

Visiting Professor, Institut für Toxikologie und Embryonalpharmakologie, Freie Universität Berlin (1978).

Visiting Professor of Histology, St. George's University School of Medicine, Grenada, West Indies (1979).

College of Medicine Representative, Graduate Council, East Tennessee State University (1979-1985).

Participant, EPA Workshop on the Status of Risk Assessments for Reproductive and Teratogenic Effects, Atlanta and St. Louis (October and December, 1980).

Participant, FDA-EPA Workshop on In Vitro Teratogenesis Testing, Little Rock (August, 1981).

Participant, Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group Workshop on Reproductive Toxicity Risk Assessment, Rockville, MD (September, 1981).

President, Southern Society of Anatomists (1981-1982).

Director, Graduate Program in Biomedical Science, James H. Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University (1981-1999).

Member, Ad Hoc Advisory Review Board, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Program, National Toxicology Program, DHHS (1984).

Ad Hoc Member, Human Embryology and Development Study Section, NICHHD, NIH, DHHS (1984).

Special Reviewer, Toxicology Study Section, NIH (1985).

Chairman, President's Task Force on the Development of the Division of Health Sciences, East Tennessee State University (1985-1987).

Member, Toxicology Study Section, NIH (1985-1989).

Member, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Program Review Subcommittee, National Toxicology Program (1985-1988).

Member, Editorial Board, Fundamental and Applied Toxicology (1986-1992).

Member, Panel on Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology of the Committee on Biological Markers, Commission on Life Sciences, National Research Council - National Academy of Sciences (1986-1987).

Member, Editorial Board, Reproductive Toxicology (1986-2004).

Ad Hoc Member, Reproductive Biology Study Section, NIH (1987).

President, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section, Society of Toxicology (1988-1989).

Special Reviewer, Reproductive Biology Study Section, NIH (1989).

Member, National Institutes of Health Reviewers Reserve (1989-1990).

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Methods in Toxicology (1989-1991).

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Reproductive Endocrinology Study Section, NIH (1990).

Member, Human Embryology and Development Study Section 2, NIH (1990-1994); Chair (1993-1994).

Member, Editorial Board, Teratology, (1991-1997).

Teaching Responsibilities:

Cornell University Medical College, 1963-1967
   Gross Anatomy, 1963-1967
   Developmental Anatomy and Genetics, 1964
   Microscopic Anatomy, 1965-1967

Louisiana State University Medical Center, 1967-1970
   Medical Gross Anatomy, 1967-1970
   Dental Microscopic Anatomy, 1967-1970
   Medical Microscopic Anatomy, 1967-1970
   (Professor in charge of the course, 1968-1970)

Albany Medical College, 1970-1977
   Comparative Embryology and Teratology, 1970-1977
   Medical Histology, 1972-1977
   Gross Anatomy, 1976-1977

East Tennessee State University College of Medicine, 1977-
   Histology, 1978-1991
   (Professor in charge of the course, 1978-1981)
   Gross Anatomy, 1978-1982; 1990-
   Cell and Tissue Biology, 1992-1996
   Human Developmental Biology and Genetics, Course Director, 2001-

Selected Publications:

   Ruby, J.R., R.F. Dyer & R.G. Skalko 1969 The occurrence of intercellular bridges
      during oogenesis in the mouse. J. Morph., 127:307-340.

   Parker, D.A. & R.G. Skalko 1969 Congenital asymmetry: Report of ten cases
      with associated developmental abnormalities. Pediatrics, 44:584-590.

   Skalko, R.G. & M.P. Gold 1974 Teratogenicity of methotrexate in mice.
      Teratology, 9:159-164.

   Tucci, S.M. & R.G. Skalko 1977 Demonstration of lateral asymmetry in G-
      banded mouse embryo chromosomes. Experientia, 33:1437-1438.

   Peppler, R.D., M.W. Hougland, T.E. Kwasigroch, & R.G. Skalko 1980 Medical
      gross anatomy course: simultaneous teaching of the upper and lower extremity.
      J. Med. Educ., 55:794-796.

   Skalko, R.G. & T.E. Kwasigroch 1983 The interaction of chemicals during
      pregnancy: an update. Biol. Res. Preg. Perinatol., 4:26-35.

   Kwasigroch, T.E. & R.G. Skalko 1985 The teratogenic interaction of
      hydroxyurea and 5-bromodeoxyuridine examined with the aid of limb culture and
      image analysis. Fundam. Appl. Toxicol., 5:1161-1173.

   Knudsen, T.B., M.K. Gray, J.K. Church, M.R. Blackburn, M.J. Airhart, R.E.
      Kellems & R.G. Skalko 1989 Early postimplantation embryo loss in the mouse
      following in utero exposure to 2'-deoxycoformycin, a potent inhibitor of
      adenosine deaminase. Teratology, 40:615-626.

   Blackburn, M.R., X. Gao, M.J. Airhart, R.G. Skalko, L.F. Thompson & T.B.
      Knudsen 1992 Adenosine levels in the postimplantation mouse uterus.
      Quantitation of HPLC-fluorometric detection and spatio-temporal regulation of
      5'-nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase. Developmental Dynamics, 194:

   Airhart, M.J., C.M. Robbins, T.B. Knudsen & R.G. Skalko 1996 Allantois
      is a primary site of 2'-deoxycoformycin (pentostatin) toxicity. Teratology,  
      53:361- 373.

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