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Second Annual Heart-Brain Research Retreat


roan mountain

Heart-Brain Research Retreat—ROAN MOUNTAIN STATE PARK—October 8-10, 2013           

           The 2nd Annual Heart-Brain Research Retreat was held at Roan Mountain State Park, Tennessee, October 8-10, 2013. The theme of the retreat was: “Recent Advances in Neurostimulation Therapy—Emergence of New Horizons.” The retreat was co-sponsored by Cyberonics and the Laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Ardell.  The Roan Mountain State Park provided attendees a positive and scenic environment in which to share and actively participate in discussions in experimental findings and to “explore emerging hypotheses  regarding anatomy, physiology and neuromodulation therapies that promise to improve the lives of patients struggling with the burden of serious disorders such as epilepsy and heart failure.” 
            “The research collaboration between East Tennessee State University and Cyberonics has yielded important new findings that rapidly improve our understanding of complex neural control system behavior of acute and chronic heart failure. These advances promise to accelerate adoption and shape future clinical practice.”  - Jeff Ardell (ETSU) & Bruce KenKnight. (Cyberonics)



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