Admissions Committee

James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Admissions Committee

2015-2016 Membership

Reid Blackwelder, MD Family Medicine 6/30/16 Chair
Boyce Berry, MD Community Physician 6/30/18    
Roderick Biosca, DVM Community Member 6/30/18    
Martha Bird, MD Psychiatry 6/30/16  
Peter Bockhorst, MD Family Medicine 6/30/18    
Sarah Carrier, MD Community Physician 6/30/17    
Patricia Conner, MD Family Medicine 6/30/18    
Dan Cross, PhD Community Member 6/30/16  
James Denham, MD Section of Medical Education 6/30/16  
Dorothy Dobbins, PhD ETSU Social Work 6/30/17    
Kathryn Feagins, JD ETSU Scholarship Office 6/30/16  
Richard Feit, MD Section on Medical Education 6/30/17  
Cerrone Foster, PhD ETSU Biological Sciences 6/30/17  
Anna Gilbert, MD Internal Medicine 6/30/18  
Erin Harris, MD Family Medicine 6/30/18  
Shobha Hiremagalur, MD Family Medicine 6/30/17  
Elizabeth Hughes, BS Community Member 6/30/17  
David Johnson, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/16  
Keith Johnson, PhD ETSU Dept. of Engineering Technology, Surveying, Digital Media 6/30/16    
Leigh Johnson, MD Family Medicine 6/30/17  
David Linville, MD Assoc Dean, Graduate Medical Education 6/30/17  Vice-Chair
Tamara McKenzie, MD Surgery 6/30/17  
Greg Ordway, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/17  
Antonio Rusinol, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/18    
Tom Schacht, PsyD Psychiatry 6/30/18  
B. J. Smith, MD Community Physician 6/30/17  
Cynthia Thomas, DO Community Physician 6/30/18  
Bedford Transou, MDiv Community Member 6/30/18  
Casey Lawson Medical Student 3 6/30/16  
Wyeth Lawson Medical Student 3 6/30/16  
Katie Macmillan Medical Student 3 6/30/16  
Josh Wienczkowski Medical Student 3 6/30/16  
Katie McCall Medical Student 2 6/30/17  
Becky Roland Medical Student 2 6/30/17  
Tom Kwasigroch, PhD Assoc Dean, Student Affairs ex officio non-voting
Doug Taylor Asst Dean, Admissions and Records ex officio non-voting
Amanda Cole Admissions Coordinator (staff support) ex officio non-voting
Stephanie Cole Admissions Counselor (staff support) ex officio non-voting



The Admissions Committee is charged with and empowered to select all students for admission to the Quillen College of Medicine. The committee is appointed by the Dean of Medicine and is responsible in all matters regarding admission. The term of appointment for each member is three years, except for student members whose appointment shall be for two years, with appointments to be renewed at the discretion of the Dean and in accordance with the needs of the institution.

The committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting students most qualified for and who will most benefit from the program of medical education and those believed to have potential for furthering the mission of the institution. The committee functions without outside influence and has sole responsibility for determining and implementing institutional application process and admissions policy. Pertinent characteristics of the applicants, are carefully considered in order to select students who are thought to be properly motivated for the study of medicine, capable of successfully completing the curriculum, and capable of entering the successful practice of medicine with high moral and ethical standards. Each applicant is evaluated according to committee practices, and particular care is given to see that equal opportunity is afforded all applicants.


The committee is structured to provide a diverse base of thinking, background and experience. The chairperson is selected by the dean as a person of knowledge, leadership and ability to lead the committee in the accomplishment of its mission. The chairperson serves at the pleasure of the dean. All committee members are expected to be full participants in the evaluation and selection process. The committee is predominantly comprised of medical school faculty but also include membership from the university, community members, medical students and others. Ex-officio members are the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Assistant Dean for Admissions, AAMC Minority Affairs Designee and Staff Support as necessary to complete the committee mission.

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