Faculty Advisory Committee

James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Faculty Advisory Council



James Denham, MD
Section of Medical Education 6/30/2014 first term
David Walters, MD Surgery 6/30/2015 first term
Ken Ferslew, PhD Pharmacology 6/30/2012 third term
John Kalbfleisch, PhD Medical Education 6/30/2012 fourth term
Doug Rose, MD
Family Medicine 6/30/2015 Chair  
Rebecca Copeland, MD Internal Medicine 6/30/2013 second term 
Keith Huffaker, MD Ob-Gyn 6/30/2014 Secretary
Rick Wallace Learning Resources 6/30/2014 first term
Philip C. Bagnell, MD Dean of Medicine ex officio    
Kenneth Olive, MD Exec Assoc Dean Acad & Fac Affairs ex officio     
Earl Brown, PhD Pathology 6/30/2013 second term
Norman Moore, MD Psychiatry 6/30/2013 second term
Robert Wondergem, PhD Physiology 6/30/2013 second term
Doug Thewke, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/2013 second term