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LearningResources Advisory Committee

James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Learning Resources Advisory Committee



Phil Musich, PhD Biomedical Sciences
6/30/2016 Chair, 3rd term
Caroline Abercrombie, MD Section of Medical Education
6/30/2016 1st term
Diane Heiman, M.D. Family Medicine 6/30/2015 1st term
Tom Ecay, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/2016 3rd term   
Jerry Mullersman, MD Pathology
6/30/2016 1st term
Fred Tudiver, MD Family Medicine 6/30/2016 3rd term    
Laura Daniel
Biomedical Graduate Student 6/30/2016  
Katherine Hicks Medical Student 6/30/2016    
Ute Breese, PhD Physical Therapy ex officio non-voting
Kathy Creekmore, PhD Pharmacy ex officio non-voting
Martha Whaley Learning Resources ex officio non-voting


The primary function of the learning resources advisory committee shall be to advise the assistant dean for learning resources and the dean of the college of medicine on medical library and learning resources programs and policies. The committee shall also serve as a channel of communication between the department of learning resources and its users by assisting in the explanation of the need of each group to the other and the interpretation of policy decisions. In order for the Learning Resources Center (LRC) to provide the best possible service to its users, the committee shall assist in obtaining fiscal and other support by apprizing the dean of the medical college and other appropriate personnel, both within and outside the university, of the center's needs.


The total appointed membership of the committee shall be no larger than twelve members so as to obtain a fair representation of different viewpoints. Members shall be appointed from the basic and clinical sciences, college of medicine administration, one medical student, and one biomedical graduate student. The assistant dean for learning resources shall serve as an ex officio member.

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