Continuing Medical Education Advisory Committee

James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Continuing Medical Education Advisory Committee



Stephen Loyd, MD Veterans Affairs Medical Center 6/30/2016 Chair, First term
Atif Atyia, MD Community Physician 6/30/2014 Extended term
Bruce Bennard, PhD Family Medicine 6/30/2014 Extended term
Lisa Davenport Nursing 6/30/2015 First term
Position to be filled Basic Sciences Faculty 6/30/2016  
Position to be filled Resident 6/30/2014  
Jeffrey Gray, PharmD College of Pharmacy 6/30/2015 Second term
Doris Hubbs, MD Community Physician 6/30/2016 Extended term
T. Watson Jernigan, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology 6/30/2016 Second term
Reena Kuriacose, MD Internal Medicine 6/30/2016 Second term
David Linville, MD Graduate Medical Education 6/30/2015 First term
Demetrio Macariola, Jr., MD Pediatrics 6/30/2015 Second term
Paula Masters, MPH Public Health 6/30/2014 First term
Patricia Niday, EdD, RN
Mountain States Health Alliance
6/30/2016 Second term
Rakesh Patel, MD Psychiatry 6/30/2015 First term
John Schweitzer, MD
Pathology 6/30/2015 First term
Rick Wallace, PhD COM Learning Resources 6/30/2015 Extended term
Barbara Sucher, MBA Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education ex officio ex officio


The continuing medical education advisory committee will be charged with:

  1. Taking an active role in planning and guiding the office of continuing medical education in future program ideas obtained from needs assessment;

  2. Providing new program ideas for possible development based on committee members' experiences in daily practice;

  3. Assessing final evaluations of programs for the possibility of commencing a series of annual programs;

  4. Suggesting and assisting in marketing techniques through societies or membership primarily targeted to physician populations;

  5. Suggesting outside funding opportunities to be explored by the office of continuing medical education;

  6. Suggesting specific research ideas for future development by CME staff relating to innovative teaching methods, assessing the impact of CME programs on physician education, and seeking the best learning methods for physicians;

  7. Assuring that proposed CME programs meet the primary goal of providing high quality educational opportunities for physicians after formal medical school training;

  8. Advising the office of continuing medical education regarding ways that college of medicine faculty could gain regional recognition for their expertise/research topics through inclusion in CME programs; and

  9. Informing the office of continuing medical education of ways to promote CME as a "service provider" to faculty and perspective registrants.


The chair of the continuing medical education committee must hold the medical doctor degree and be selected from the membership. Full membership shall consist of the following:

7 faculty members who hold M.D. degrees

1 faculty member from a basic science department

1 representative from learning resources

1 representative from the college of nursing

1 representative from the college of public and allied health

1 representative from Mountain States health Alliance

1 community representative

3 at-large members representing Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City

1 resident representative

1 assistant dean for continuing medical education

1 associate dean for academic affairs