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At each of our clinics, the ETSU Family Physicians health care team consists of:

Family Physicians who are primary care physicians trained to provide continuing and complete health care for the individual and the family. Our physicians include:

- Faculty Physicians who are board certified and licensed to practice medicine. They provide medical services to patients in the office, hospital, and nursing homes. They also devote time to teaching residents and medical students, medical research, and community service.

- Resident Physicians who are physicians who have graduated from medical school and are pursuing advanced training in Family Medicine. They also provide medical care in the office, hospital, and nursing homes, and provide community services, all under the supervision of our faculty physicians.

A Psychologist who provides psychosocial services and counseling to patients, teaches medical students and residents, and conducts research.

A Pharmacist who provides diabetic education along with medication management therapy.

A Medical Social Worker who provides services to patients and instructs medical students and residents.

Our health care team also includes Nurses. Physicians from other medical specialties are available on a consultative basis.

Medical, nursing, social work, and other health care students may be present and participate in your medical care. If you are uncomfortable with this, please discuss it with your physician.
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