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As a patient and partner in my health care team, I will:

  • Bring all the questions I have to my appointments and ask you about things I don't understand
  • Tell you how I am feeling and how it affects my life and ask for support services when I need them
  • Help you create my action plan and track my progress
  • Let you know when I get care somewhere else
  • Bring all medicines, supplements, and herbal or holistic products I use to my appointments
  • Fill my prescriptions on time, use them as prescribed, and tell you of any problems

As providers and partners in your health care team, we will:

  • Respect you and your family's culture, values and needs
  • Ask you to take part in your health care
  • Help you set health goals and create an action plan
  • Track the care you get from other providers
  • Ask for your ideas on how we can improve your care and use language you understand
  • Offer appointments at times when you can come in
  • Explain test results and what will happen next
  • Help you get support services when you need them
  • Stay in contact with you as your partner in care
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