Brian Daniels

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I was born and raised in Pikeville, KY, a small Eastern Kentucky town in the heart of Appalachia.
I attained my undergraduate degree in Biology from Pikeville College and chose to pursue my
medical studies at the Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine. I chose to continue
my medical career in family medicine because I feel it is the backbone of quality health care.
By assisting in providing overall health and preventative care to individuals and the community
as a whole, I feel family medicine was the best way for me to have the greatest impact in my
community. There was little doubt Bristol would be my top choice. Each and every person I met
was very nice, and the emphasis on the importance of family was apparent from the start. My
wife Lisa and I look forward to moving to Bristol with our daughter and two Basset Hounds and enjoying the
fishing, hiking and camping of the area, all while getting the best residency training possible. After
residency, my wife and I plan to live in rural Appalachia where she will teach elementary school
and I will have a small-town rural practice.