Todd Nguyen, M.D.

Todd Nguyen, M.D. Born and raised in a small town in South Vietnam, I never experienced large urban cities until I immigrated to the United States when I was 17.  Then I lived in heavily populated areas like southern California, Miami, and New York.  Now I am looking forward to reaching back to the charm of a smaller community like Bristol.  From my initial interview, I enjoyed the hospitality of the faculty, residents, and staff at Bristol as well as the strong and well-structured program they offered.  I look forward to learning and contributing to the best of my abilities throughout my residency here. 
My family members include no doctors for me to reference as a role model, so medicine comes to me more as a destiny. Because I have a special interest in public health and preventive medicine, I took my first mission to rural Vietnam the spring of 2010 to explore ways of helping underserved communities. My long-term goal is to open and run my own clinic while still being able to teach and participate in humanitarian efforts throughout the US and the rest of the world where medical care is scarce.  I value my family and friends and always enjoy time with them as well as time alone.  I am the proud uncle of eight wonderful nephews and three adorable nieces.  Among my many hobbies, I enjoy photography, art, travel and all that nature has to offer.

Dr Nguyen with extended family.

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