Shyam Odeti

The foundations of my medical knowledge were laid at one of the premier medical schools in India, the suburban location of which was similar to ETSU. Kakatiya Medical College helped me understand the importance of the role of a family practitioner in these settings. During my internship, I realized that a primary care practice touches the lives of many in a community.  To become a better Family physician, I realized that in addition to having a thorough understanding of the medical management skills, I also needed to have a deeper knowledge of the psychosocial aspects of medicine. To gain the requisite skills, I enrolled into Masters in Psychology at Texas A & M University and graduated in 2009.  The last four years of my stay in the United States facilitated my acquaintance with cultural and social aspects, which I am confident would help me in spreading more smiles amongst my patients.  I am familiar with the immense reputation of ETSU in academic circles since the last 10 years. Doing a residency while spending three years with the wonderful people of this place nestled in the scenic beauty of Tennessee would be dreams come true.