Hannah Putterman

Although it is not where I grew up, the town of New Paltz, New York is where I consider my hometown to be. It is there that I learned to love nature.
Whether Rock Climbing in the Gunks or at Red Rock, swimming in the snow melted waterfalls of the Catskill Mountains or swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean Island Dominica; wherever I go, there is always something wonderful to do, something that involves nature and the great outdoors.
I attended Ross University School of Medicine and was able to travel all over the country for my various rotations. Prior to enrolling in medical school, I earned my bachelor's degree in cellular and molecular biology and also worked as a paramedic for many years. All these opportunities gave me some great and unforgettable life experiences.
Johnson City is an amazing place to live. The friendly people and surrounding nature remind me of my hometown. I am here with my fiancé, Michael, as well as with my 10-year-old black lab.