Douglas Rose, M.D.

Associate Professor, Medical Director

Douglas Rose I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania (Altoona to be specific) and attended medical school in Philadelphia. I graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1995. Residency took me to New Hampshire, my first year of training in Concord and my second and third year in Lebanon at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. I completed my training in 1998 and stayed at Dartmouth as faculty for the residency for the next four years. In early 2002 my family (wife and two children) and I moved to Kingsport to be a part of the residency program here and to enjoy the wonderful northeast Tennessee area. I have a large interest in women's health and obstetrics, and am interested in integrating technology with the delivery of health care and best evidence supported practices. Dr. Rose's e-mail address is:
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