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Resident Leadership Council

MEMBERS 2015-2016
          Dr. James Bardoner         
Vice Chair:  Dr. Danielle Hobdy          
Secretary:   Dr. Mohsen Pourmorteza        
 Dr. Suzanne Azzazy  Psychiatry
 Dr. James Bardoner  Surgery
 Dr. Samit Bhatheja  Fellowships
 Dr. Meredith Bolton  OB/GYN
 Dr. Veronica Carrasco  Family Medicine - Johnson City
 Dr. Emilie Cook  Pathology
 Dr. Jessica MacHue  Family Medicine - Kingsport
 Dr. Danielle Hobdy  OB/GYN
 Dr. Jennifer Jaynes  Pediatrics
 Dr. Kiran Kalra  Pediatrics
 Dr. Eddie Ko  Family Medicine - Kingsport
 Dr. Pranav Patel  Fellowships
 Dr. Moshen Pourmorteza  Internal Medicine
 Dr. Daniel Prior  Surgery
 Dr. Alex Qader  Family Medicine - Johnson City
 Dr. Rahul Lauhan  Psychiatry
 Dr. Hannah Ratliff  Pathology
 Dr. Charles Rives  Internal Medicine
 Dr. Melissa Robinson  Family Medicine - Bristol
 Dr. Angel Turner  Family Medicine - Bristol


This Council shall be a unified representative body for all residents and fellows of East Tennessee State University, James H. Quillen College of Medicine.  It shall be an interface between the residents and the administration and shall serve the following functions:

  1. Allow communication and information exchange with respect to learning and working environments across all GME programs.
  2. The Council shall report any/all recommendations to the Associate Dean for GME and the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).
  3. It shall convey any/all concerns of the residents/fellows.
  4. The Council shall have a voice in the development and revision of resident/fellow policies.
  5. It shall promote camaraderie and unity between residents/fellows of all disciplines.
  6. It shall encourage scholarly pursuits of residents/fellows.
  7. The Council shall keep appropriate and permanent documented minutes and records of all activities.


The structure of the Council shall be as follows:

  1. All representatives shall serve a one-year term.
  2. Two residents/fellows will represent each program; one a chief or senior resident, the second being a peer-selected PGY-2 or higher level.
  3. The Council will select a chair, vice-chair, and secretary.
  4. The Council will elect representatives for the following College of Medicine committees:
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Committee
  • Women & Gender Issues
  • Continuing Education Advisory Committee
  • Other GMEC sub-committees which may be established.

     5.    Any resident/fellow has the opportunity to raise a concern to the Council.
     6.    The Council may convene with the DIO or other administrators at the beginning of each session, but the Council then has the   
            opportunity to conduct discussions and deliberations without the DIO, faculty members, or other administrators present.
     7.    The Council shall meet not less than quarterly.

 Approved by GMEC August 22, 2013


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