Hospital Liaison Subcommittee

MEMBERSHIP 2012-2013

Dr. Philip Bagnell Dean of Medicine  Ex-officio Chairperson
Dr. David Linville

Associate Dean for GME, Designated Institutional Official

Dr. William Browder Chair, Surgery Ex-officio  
Dr. John P. Franko Chair, Family Medicine Ex-officio  
Dr. J. Kelly Smith Interim Chair, Internal Medicine Ex-officio  
Dr. Thomas Jernigan Interim Chair, OB/GYN Ex-officio  
Dr. John Schweitzer Assistant Dean, GME
Chair, Pathology
Dr. David K. Kalwinsky Chair, Pediatrics Ex-officio  
Dr. Louis Cancellaro Chair, Psychiatry Ex-officio  
Mr. Greg Wilgocki Executive Associate VP Finance & Administration Ex-officio  
Dr. Adham Jurdi Chief of Chiefs Ex-officio Resident
Ms. Debra Shaw Assistant Dean/GME Ex-officio  
Ms. Sissy Shipley Coordinator for GME Ex-officio  

Wellmont Health Systems

Mr. Mike Snow President & CEO Ex-officio  
Dr. James Bowden Chief Medical Officer Ex-officio  

Bristol Regional Medical Center

Mr. Bart Hove President Ex-officio  
Dr. Jack E. Butterworth VP of Medical Affairs Ex-officio  

Holston Valley Medical Center

Mr. Blaine Douglas President Ex-officio  

Mountain States Health Alliance

Mr. Dennis Vonderfecht President & CEO Ex-officio  
Dr. Morris Seligman VP/Medical Affairs Ex-officio  

Johnson City Medical Center

Ms. Candace Jennings Interim CEO Ex-officio  

Indian Path Medical Center

Mr. Monty McClaurin President & CEO Ex-officio  

Veteran's Affairs Medical Center

Ms. Charlene Ehret Director Ex-officio  
  Chief of Staff Ex-officio  

Woodridge Hospital

Ms. Grace Pereira Facility Director Ex-officio  


To maximally utilize existing facilities, three community hospitals, Woodridge Hospital, and the VA Medical Center have joined with the College of Medicine to provide graduate medical education programs. This sub-committee serves as an umbrella organization for these educational programs to assure proper utilization of resources in attaining overall educational objectives. This sub-committee will report any recommendation to the Graduate Medical Education Committee. (GMEC).


Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Assistant Deans/Directors of Medical Education for each affiliated hospital
Chairs from all Clinical Science Departments
Affiliated Hospital Administrators
Affiliated Hospital Clinical Representation
Chief of Chiefs

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