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Resident Assistance Program (RAP)

Call: pager (423) 854-0342 - 24 Hours a Day

Frequently Asked Questions. 

What is the Resident Assistance Program?

ETSU’s Resident Assistance Program (RAP) is a confidential counseling and referral service for ETSU Medical School residents and families.

One goal of the program is to encourage self referral so that you can be helped with training issues, personal and marital concerns before they lead to more serious difficulties.

A second goal is to assist residents with substance abuse problems through evaluation and treatment so as to reduce risk to patients and restore residents to health and effective training and practice.  Substance abuse services are coordinated with the State programs of the Physicians Health Program of the Tennessee Medical Foundation.  A department chair or program director may recommend that a resident see RAP services, but residents are especially encouraged to request consultation on their own.

  What services are available?

The majority of services are out-patient in nature.  A range of in-patient and out-patient psychiatric services can be accessed, however, and include intensive individual and group psychotherapy for individuals and couples, medication management, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation and after care.

  Who can receive services?

All ETSU Medical School residents and family members.

What happens when you call?

You will reach Phillip Steffey. He may arrange an appointment with you in his office to discuss various options. These discussions are completely confidential.

  What about confidentiality?

Your privacy is an important element of the RAP program. The RAP program is completely independent of your department.  All conversations, over the telephone or in person, are confidential.

Who is Phillip Steffey?

Mr. Steffey is the RAP coordinator and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1997. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN. He obtained his Master of Divinity at The Southern Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. He received a Master of Social Work from East Carolina University in Greeneville, NC..  Other clinicians may provide services if specific situations require.

What are the most common problems that residents have? Personal/Emotional Concerns
Financial Concerns
Problems with interpersonal skills
Misconduct in patient care
Marital/family problems
Substance Abuse
How much will this cost?

The counseling sessions with Mr. Steffey are free to all residents and their immediate family members. If he refers you to another physician, your health insurance through the University will cover the first six sessions at no cost for the resident and/or family member.


Please call Mr. Steffey with any questions. You may call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for support and assistance when you need it.

Call: pager (423) 854-0342 - 24 Hours a Day.

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