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Printing Instructions

Instructions for Printing With The Pharos Print System


*** You will need your student ID card to print.

ETSU ID card


1.  Send a file to print as you normally would from your computer’s workstation. Make sure you are the person that is logged onto this machine before sending a printout.

2.  When the print window comes up, use the pull-down menu to select the printer you want:

The available printers will be as follows:

MedLib BW Web Page (PCL)

Black-and-white web pages, MS Word files etc.

Medical Library

MedLib BW PDF (PS)

Black-and-white PDFs

Medical Library

MedLib Color Web Page (PCL)

Color web pages, MS Word etc.

Medical Library

MedLib Color PDF (PS)

Color PDFs

Medical Library
COMLab BW Web Page (PCL) Black-and-white web pages, MS Word files et Computer Lab - Bldg 178
COMLab BW PDF (PS) Black-and-white PDFs Computer Lab - Bldg 178

Choose a printer

3. At this point you may configure print options such as number of slides per page (PowerPoint), specify selected pages etc. 

4.  Click OK

5.  You will then be asked to provide name for this print job in a pop-up window.  This will be the name of your printout that Pharos identifies on the Print release station.   

specify job name

6. Your document is now queued to print.


7.  Press Any Key to activate the login screen.  Log on using your ETSU username and password.

pharos log on
8.  When prompted by the Print Release Station’s dialog screen, swipe your ETSU ID Card as indicated.

9.  Identify your job(s) from the Print Release Station’s queue and select the one you would like to print.  In this window, you can also see how much it will cost you to print each job and your remaining print balance.

Releasing Print Jobs

10.  Click the print button. Your printout will then be sent to the printer

log off

11.  Logoff the Pharos Print Release Station by clicking on the Log off icon


  • Each job must be released individually.
  • If you decide not to print a job, simply leave it in the queue.  It will automatically be deleted after 2 hours (with no charge incurred).

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