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Message from the Chairman

Dr. Stephen A. Geraci


Stephen A. Geraci, MD, FACC, FAHA, FCCP, FACP |  Professor and Chairman
Department of Internal Medicine

Every departmental website begins with a message from the chair. Often, this includes a statement of traditional missions – to provide superlative education, deliver exceptional clinical care, achieve excellence in research – and certainly we in the Department of Internal Medicine of the Quillen College of Medicine share a deep commitment to these goals and strive every day to excel in the three mission-critical areas. Elsewhere on this site you will find detailed descriptions of our educational programs; our divisions, centers, faculty and staff; our training sites and facilities; and our publications, grants, and other academic accomplishments. I encourage you to review these to learn more about the structure and function of our Department.   

I chose to deviate from convention in this Chair's Message to convey to you more about the spirit of our Department, the vision of what we seek to accomplish beyond the traditional or expected. One of our aims is to be a preferred employer of internists and internal medicine subspecialists, physicians-in-training, health care team members, and research and administrative support staff. This entails transparency, fairness, diversity, equality and justice in all that we do; responsible stewardship of our precious resources; and support of every individual, regardless of position on our team, to help her/him achieve the utmost success. We value and respect every person, understanding that to be successful, an academic department must manifest true synergism, with the whole exceeding the sum of individual efforts and abilities. To this end, we must continue to attract and retain the finest professionals available, and make teamwork and collaboration our guiding principle. We choose to "set the bar high" regarding performance and contribution, with personal and professional accountability driving our decisions and plans. This vision is of process rather than outcome, as we will always work to assure our accomplishments tomorrow will exceed our accomplishments of today.

We cherish innovation, and realize this to be the only effective strategy in the constantly evolving environment of academic health care. We acknowledge that change affords risk; but rather than shirking from the challenges, we choose to embrace them as opportunities to serve in ways not previously possible. We recognize that creative solutions to both tactical and strategic problems can come from anyone, and we consider all ideas – not by their origin but by their merit.

Finally, we accept fully the responsibility of the charges we have embraced as an academic department. Rather than tolerating a culture where a "No, because. . . ." answer is accepted, we will build and refine a "Yes, if. . . ." departmental attitude to identify, and when necessary create, solutions to the problems and challenges of fulfilling the missions of our College.

It is a humbling honor to lead a department of dedicated professionals and staff during the trying times in which we live and work. I believe, through collaboration, hard work, and the courage of our convictions, we will continue every day to grow and strive to achieve levels which otherwise seem unattainable. We are both proud, and privileged, to embody our university's motto: ETSU Pride.

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