Cool Cases Consortium

Please check here for monthly winners on our resident activities--"Cool Cases Consortium" and Jeopardy. 

The "Cool Cases Consortium" is a monthly resident forum that sends out challenging, atypical and fascinating cases to internal medicine residents. The cases are structured to be out of the league of everyday medicine, both stimulating and entertaining and above all, "Cool". The first resident to answer a month's case is declared winner and is honored with his or her picture in this spot. We also keep records of residents' achievements such as the most wins, most right answers, fastest answer, lone wolf etc. The consortium's intentions are to encourage keeping an open mind, reward critical thinking and overall, bring out the joy of medicine.

The monthly " Medical Jeopardy" events are in a similar format as the popular TV show and has multiple teams battling with buzzers to become the team of the month. The questions are light hearted and admix fun and knowledge. The winners are given a trophy and bragging rights among other kudos.

Congratulations Winners for Jeopardy and "Cool Cases Consortium" in March 2014!
The winners of the first jeopardy (from left to right) are Dr.Horner, Dr.Ladia and Dr.Davis. The winners of the second jeopardy (from left to right) are Dr.Sitwala, Dr.Ladia and Dr.Patel.

Jeopardy Winners March 2014 Jeopardy Winners March 2014

The winner of the "Cool Cases" for March 2014 is Dr. David Burrow

Dr. Burrow


Winners for Jeopardy and "Cool Cases Consortium" in Februrary 2014!
Winning Jeopardy Team (Left to right) Dr.Lindsey Gouge (Med student), Dr. Shadi Nakhla, Dr.Pragnesh Patel, Dr.Alicia Brooks (Med student)


Aaysha Kapila, MD--"Cool Cases Consortium" 

Previous Winners 


Cool Cases "Trophy Room" as of March 2014


Lone Wolf for Current Season
Dr. Aaysha Kapila

Most Wins
Dr.Hiren Patel & Dr. Aaysha Kapila

Most right answers
Dr.Brijal Patel

Blitz, for the fastest response for a win
Dr.Dhara Chaudari


Most wins
Dr. Brijal Patel and Dr.Hiren Patel

Most right answers
Dr.Brijal Patel

Blitz, for the fastest response for a win
Dr.Dhara Chaudari

Lone Wolf, for the only person to get a case right
Shared between Dr.Hemang Panchal, Dr.Brijal Patel and Dr.Aaysha Kapila

Most correct answers among alumni
Dr.Alex Coffey

Most accurate current third year resident
Dr.Brijal Patel

Most accurate current second year resident
Dr.Aaysha Kapila

Most accurate current first year resident
Shared between Dr.Mehdi Pourmorteza, Dr.Al Sheyyab and Dr.Pooja Sitwala

Longest right answer streak within a season
Dr. Brijal Patel