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Program Director: Vijay Ramu, MD, FACC

Our Division is built on strong academic background and involves education activities of medical students, Residents and a strong Cardiology fellowship program.

Both third year and 4th year medical students seek educational training through elective and selectives offered by our division. They also get encouragement and guidance to seek career in Internal Medicine and Cardiology.

cardiac cath lab

Internal Medicine Residents also rotate through our inpatient services and are involved in patient care. They are also assigned one half day clinic exposure per week with different faculty for exposure on outpatient cardiology. They are also exposed to different modalities of diagnostic cardiac studies to understand the indications and limitation of the studies.

Family practice residents also seek educational experience in our division. They have an elective rotation in their internship and also have an option of a selective rotation to get more ambulatory exposure in cardiology.

The Division of Cardiology inaugurated its fellowship program in 1981, and has grown steadily over the past decade to become a three-year fully accredited program with a total of Nine Positions.

Our fellows rotate at three major clinical sites including Johnson City Medical Center, VA medical center and Quillen ETSU heart. They have continuity Clinics at VA medical center and ETSU heart where they get outpatient cardiology training. They also spend time in management of patients in the CCU and take part in consultation and admission services for cardiology. They also obtain training in performing and interpreting diagnostic studies like EKGs, Echocardiograms, stress tests and nuclear imaging studies and cardiac catheterizations. They also get experience in Device implantations, electrophysiology studies and Diagnostic peripheral vascular studies. They also have dedicated research time and fellows are involved in research projects with faculty to publish articles in various Pubmed journals.

They also get exposure to Cardiac Rehabilitation services at MSHA and special clinic settings for Congenital Heart disease and Device clinics provided through ETSU.

Our educational conferences are very strong with a master schedule calendar involving fellows and faculty. We have weekly core conferences presented by diverse faculty to cover the cardiology curriculum. We also have weekly conferences on different diagnostic modalities like cardiac catheterizations, nuclear imaging, echocardiogram and CT angiograms. All fellows participate in a weekly graphics conference (designed to enhance their expertise in ECG and complex arrhythmia interpretation to prepare them for crucial segment of the subspecialty boards). We also have monthly Journal Clubs, M and M conferences and research conferences. We also have periodic Board review and Guideline sessions for our fellows.

Our Division continues to grow and expand with a clear emphasis on education and scholarly activities.

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