Junior Medical Student Education Goals

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Third Year Internal Medicine Clerkship 2014 - 2015 Goals

1. Develop a solid foundation of medical knowledge regarding the care and management of patients presenting with a variety of medical diseases. This will include formulating a diagnosis, patient care plan, medical diagnostic procedures, adherence to evidence-based
guidelines and follow up care that includes both medical and psychological support.

2. Students are required to effectively participate as team members while maintaining a professional demeanor that includes communication with fellow students, residents, attending physicians and patient’s family members.

The attending will review student’s histories and physical exams to include assessments and plans. Students and attendings should evaluate patients at the bedside. The attending should review the written record and assess that the student is able to present each case succinctly. Attendings will submit an evaluation via New Innovations of each student after the ward rotation.

The attendings are expected to observe each student perform components of a history and physical exam on a patient some time during their ward rotation. During the ward rotation a strong emphasis on the development of bedside clinical skills is a necessity. Students should see as many patients as possible with abnormal physical findings. Physical diagnosis textbooks such as Bates Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking will be available at each site. Students should perform the following.


A. Review/Interpret peripheral blood smear. Attend laboratory session.
B. Interpret an EKG.
C. Interpret components of urinalysis.
D. Interpret gram stain.
E. Perform prostate exam.