2013 - 2014 Salaries and Benefits

PGY I $47,209.00
PGY II $48,618.00
PGY III $50,359.00
PGY IV $52,284.00
PGY V $54,200.00
PGY VI $56,257.00
* Tennessee does not have a state income tax.


Annual Leave
Residents may  receive up to fifteen (15) days vacation per contract year/1.25 days per month. Residents may carry over one half of their vacation days on June 30 from prior year accrual with the approval of the College of Medicine, Office of Graduate Medical Education and their program director. This carry over of  1/2 of leave balance is addressed by each program's leave policy. Total accumulation of sick leave not to exceed 60 days. Vacation schedules are left to the discretion of each Department. Each residency training program must comply with varying RRC/Board leave policies. Therefore, timing and duration of all leave must be approved by the residency Program Director. If institutional policies, noted above, conflict with those of a particular RRC/Board, then the RRC/Board policies will take precedence. Residents are not paid for unused annual leave.

Administrative Leave Up to two (2) days during the first year. Residents on tracks longer than one year may receive up to five (5) days to be taken anytime during their tenure.

Educational Leave Up to the discretion of each program.

Sick Leave Provided at the rate of one (1) day per month, and may accumulate to a total of not more than sixty (60) days for continuous service.

Maternity/Paternity Leave Available to residents for the birth or adoption of a child under the Family Medical Leave Act (FLMA) and the Tennessee Maternity Leave Act (TMLA). This leave is without pay, but use of accrued sick and annual leave may be used.

Military Leave Residents who are members of any reserve component of the armed forces of the United States or of the Tennessee National Guard may be entitled to leave of absence from their duties for all periods of military service during which they are engaged in the performance of duty or training in the services of Tennessee, or of the United States, under competent orders.

Civil Leave Residents shall be granted civil leave when, in obedience to a subpoena or direction by proper authority, the resident appears as witness for the federal government, the State of Tennessee, or a political subdivision of the State, or when it is necessary to attend any court in connection with official duties or serve on a jury in any state or federal court.

INSURANCE Health The health insurance carrier for residents and their families is United Healthcare.  Single or Family coverage is available for residents and their families. Premiums are shared by the University and the resident.  The resident's portion is $35.00 for single coverage and $75.00 for family coverage.  All premiums are payroll deducted.  

Life Basic life of $50,000 is available for the resident only. No coverage for dependents.

Disability Monthly benefits of $1,000 after 90 days of disability. No coverage for dependents.


Center for Physical Activities Free membership for the residents. This includes use of the new fitness center with aerobic classes, an aquatics center, basketball courts, indoor track, racquetball and squash courts and a 15,000 sq ft weight room. Memberships for spouses and children may be purchased by the resident.

Deferred compensation program Payroll deductions to divert portions of pre-tax earnings into an IRS Code 457 of 401(k) tax deferred income plan.

Resident Assistance Program (RAP) Confidential counseling and referral services for residents and their families.

Tuition Reimbursement Some funds are available for resident spouse and children attending ETSU in undergraduate classes. (This is NOT the same tuition reimbursement program offered to ETSU employees. Residents do not  qualify for the ETSU tuition reimbursement program.)



Free parking at each hospital.


-Medical Library searches and photocopy services available.

-ABIM In-Training Exam administered free.

-Weekly Harrison's Club (Board Review Course) is sponsored by the department and is mandatory for all residents.

Lab Coats:

Two lab coats and IM patches are furnished to each new intern.

Credit Union:

Each resident is eligible to become a member of the credit union.


Moonlighting is allowed for PGY-II and III during elective rotations with the approval of the program director.

Recreational Facilities:

Residents have use of university's recreational facilities at no cost and families for $10 per month.

Spouse's Auxiliary:

An auxiliary has been formed for spouses of residents in training.

Living Quarters:

Housing facilities such as apartments, condominiums, townhouses and houses are available and conveniently located to our hospitals. Cost of living is typically low.


On-call meals are provided at reduced or no cost to the resident.


Laundry of dirty scrubs is available at each of our hospitals. Additional laundry and dry cleaning services are conveniently located to our hospitals and are reasonably priced for residents.