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Continuity Clinic



All categorical residents are assigned to a long-term continuity clinic one half-day per week. Over a period of three years the resident has an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with a single population of patients in an environment which permits continuity of care with an emphasis on preventive care and the management of acute and chronic illness.

Residents have access to the same facilities and support staff as do the faculty in their own clinics. Weekly educational sessions addressing ambulatory topics are provided in the clinics. Residents measure the care they provide to their continuity clinic patients along various preventative and chronic disease management metrics using tools acquired during quality improvement didactics. All residents will participate in an ongoing quality improvement project based at their continuity clinic assignment.

Rebecca Copeland, M.D. teaches during continuity clinic
Rebecca Copeland, MD teaches during continuity clinic

Quillen Internal Medicine Continuity Clinic sites include:

Quillen ETSU Physicians | QCOM Johnson City Division of Internal Medicine
325 N. State of Franklin Road
Johnson City, TN
(423) 439-7280

Quillen ETSU Physicians | QCOM Kingsport Division of Internal Medicine
#4 Sheridan Square
Kingsport, TN
(423) 246-7931

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