Preliminary Track

(One-Year Program)

NRMP 206615

The preliminary medicine program is designed for students desiring only one year of internal medicine training. The program is thoroughly integrated into the three-year residency program. Residents are offered several months of elective rotations so that they may prepare themselves for anticipated careers in other disciplines such as ophthalmology, radiology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, etc. The structure of this elective period is arranged with the program director in accordance with the needs and wishes of the resident. For undecided students, the first-year resident's rotation can be identical to that of the three-year program or designed in a fashion which permits experience in anticipated areas of interest.


Preliminary Track Curriculum

Postgraduate Year I

3-4 Months Inpatient Service


4-5 Months Inpatient Service


4 Months Elective Rotations *



JCMC-Johnson City Medical Center

VAMC-Veterans Administration Medical Center

BRMC-Bristol Regional Medical Center

HVHMC-Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center

On-Call Schedule: Inpatient Services and ICU-Every 4th night

Senior Resident Subspecialty Electives and ER- 1-2 per month (pool)

* No On-Call Responsibilities.