Senior Medicine General Information

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Director, Senior Internal Medicine Clerkships
Lamis Ibrahim, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

ETSU Quillen College of Medicine


Senior Clerkship Coordinator
Charlene Perrigan
Internal Medicine Program Facilitator

ETSU Quillen College of Medicine


Students’ performance will be observed and informally evaluated at all times by the attending physicians of clinical rotations. Standardized evaluation forms will be used at the end of rotations. The attending physicians will be notified electronically through New Innovations to complete the evaluations. After the evaluation is completed the clerkship secretary retrieves it and notates it on the Banner System and forwards it to Student Affairs. Registrar’s office record evaluation grade. It is pass/fail grading.


Due to the short length of each Senior Internal Medicine Selective/electives, 100% attendance will be xpected. Excused absence should be approved by the course director. Please also refer to the QCOM Fourth Year Attendance Policy QCOM New Innovations website. 


In the event of a needle stick, splattered blood, etc., the student should immediately contact the following people so the necessary paperwork and testing may be started.

JCMCH | Janice Jones | 431-6431

VAMC | Anetha Wright | 926-1171 ext. 7358

HVMCH | Rita Forrester | 224-5075

BRMCH | Jane Lipscomb | 844-6650