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The goal of the fourth year of study is to offer the student the opportunity for increased clinical responsibility with the scheduling flexibility to prepare for career goals. It is a time to expand basic skills, to strengthen areas of weakness, to learn basic information in areas where there may not be future opportunity for such study, and to develop career goals.

As of 2001 the traditional 8 weeks of senior ward medicine were absorbed into the Senior Selective curriculum.

The revised requirements of the senior year in the generalist curriculum are:

    16 weeks of Senior Selectives

    16 weeks of Senior Electives

    Senior Month

Students interested in enrolled in the generalist curriculum select four (4) four week Senior Selectives, one each from four categories:

    Intensive Care,


    In-patient Medicine

    Ambulatory Care.

The Internal Medicine Department offers the senior student Internal Medicine selectives in each of the four categories listed above.

Electives may be taken in any USA or Canadian LCME approved schools. Electives may be taken in foreign countries if offered through a medical school and approved by the College of Medicine administration.



The University attendance policy adopted by the medical school governs the attendance policies during selectives/electives. Any arrangements for time away from a scheduled selective/elective must be made with the course director's/instructor's permission. The months of December and January have been reserved for away electives and interviews. Only 2 day per week excused absence from a electlve/selective is allowed. Due to the short length of each Senior Internal Medicine Selective, 100% attendance will be expected. Excused absences will only be approved through the course director Dr. Thomas Roy and/or the Chairman