Senior Medicine Selectives

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Each selective will provide clinical experience in internal medicine subspecialties of the student's choice. The primary purpose is to teach history-taking and specialized examination skills for these areas. The management of common medical problems will be stressed. This will ensure that the student receives a high quality educational experience in Internal Medicine.

The selectives will run for four weeks. These will consist of the following choices: MICU, Internal Medicine - Inpatient, Medical Oncology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine - Ambulatory Care.

The actual hours spent in the clinics, hospital wards will vary depending on the attending. The student is required to be present at all times when the attending so requests. The student will take "call" during their selectives at the discretion of the attending.


General senior year requirements:

--12 weeks  of senior selectives - one 4-week rotation in each of the following:

  • Intensive care
  • Internal Medicine Inpatient Sub-Internship
  • Ambulatory care

--18 weeks of senior electives

--3 weeks of Keystone Course

Internal Medicine Selectives:

Internal Medicine department offers selectives in each of the above mentioned groups:

  • Medical Intensive care (MICU at VAMC/BRMC) and Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (PCCM at JCMC)
  •  Internal Medicine Sub-internship
  • Ambulatory experience in internal medicine clinics