GoalsElectives | Course Grading

General Intent

Each selective will provide clinical experience in internal medicine subspecialties of the student's choice. The primary purpose is to teach history-taking and specialized examination skills for these areas. The management of common medical problems will be stressed. This will ensure that the student receives a high quality educational experience in Internal Medicine.

General Description

The selectives will run for four weeks. These will consist of the following choices: MICU, Internal Medicine - Inpatient, Medical Oncology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine - Ambulatory Care.

The actual hours spent in the clinics, hospital wards will vary depending on the attending. The student is required to be present at all times when the attending so requests. The student will take "call" during their selectives at the discretion of the attending.


The student's performance will be evaluated by the attendings of the clinical rotations The students will be responsible for having this evaluation completed by the attending. Upon the period ending, the student should bring the completed evaluation form to Department of Internal Medicine, Clerkship Secretary, Bldg. 1, VAMC, Rm. 115. This form will determine the final grade so it is imperative that the evaluation form reaches the clerkship office.


Due to the short length of each Senior Internal Medicine Selective, 100% attendance will be expected. EXCUSED ABSENCES WILL ONLY BE APPROVED THROUGH THE DIRECTOR, DR. THOMAS M. ROY AND/OR THE CHAIRMAN.

Holidays/Inclement Weather/Illness

There are NO holidays during the Senior Internal Medicine Selectives except as specifically allowed by the attending.

In the event of inclement weather, attendance is still expected. Should the student be unable to attend, he/she must notify the attending.

In the event of illness, the student must notify his/her attending.


In the event of a needle stick, splattered blood, etc., the student should immediately contact the following people so the necessary paperwork and testing may be started.


Janice Jones



Anetha Wright

926-1171 ext. 7358


Rita Forrester



Jane Lipscomb