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Research | vitamin D | Dr. Peiris

Dr. Peiris is Chief of Endocrinology at the Mountain Home VAMC and Professor of Medicine, ETSU. He has wide ranging interests including Regional obesity, Medical Informatics, Diabetes and Vitamin D and clinical (bedside) diagnosis. He has extensive experience in Clinical research techniques including the euglycemic and hyperglycemic insulin clamp, using radioactive isotopes to measure glucose production and fatty acid kinetics, epidemiologic and outcomes research.   In addition he has laid the foundation for Internal Medicine residents to be mentored in clinical research. Several such trainees have received Departmental awards for published research endeavors. This work has been presented at National meetings of such learned societies such as the American Heart association and Endocrine society.

In the last few years, Dr Peiris has concentrated his efforts on Vitamin D deficiency and its link to ill-health. The first paper on Vitamin D was published in 2008 and confirmed that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased health care costs in Veterans. Other publications have explored the relationship of Vitamin D to seasonality, adequacy of monitoring serum levels, ICU outcomes, racial disparities, inflammatory bowel disease and a variety of bacterial infections. This research has involved residents and faculty within the ETSU Departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, School of Nursing, and library services as well as collaboration with extramural research personnel in the area of Vitamin D

Publications (selected)

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