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Simply provide us with your sample (2-3 mm tail snips or ear punches), primers, and a description of your validated PCR assay conditions. The Core Facility will then perform all the steps of the genotyping assay and send your report (see attached sample) via email. The normal turn-around time for this service is two business days. The cost for the full genotyping service is $9/sample, competitive with outside vendors, PLUS there are no FedEx shipping fees.

For investigators who wish to do their own PCR reactions, but do not wish to expend valuable technician time and reagent costs for routine isolation of DNA, the Core Facility offers genomic DNA isolation services for $3/sample. the normal turn-around period for this service is one business day. If you have any questions concerning this service, please feel free to contact MBCF staff at (423) 439-8096 or via email at   




 DNA extraction- $3.00/sample

 Genotyping- $9.00/sample


CLICK HERE for a genotyping initial request form

CLICK HERE for the Genotyping Sample Submission Form





To view a sample Mouse tail genotyping report CLICK HERE


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