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Medical Student Education Committee

Quillen College of Medicine

Medical Student Education Committee - MSEC
Tuesday, Octobere 17, 2017 - RETREAT
 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Room C003 - Stanton Gerber Hall
 AGENDA (subject to change)

 1.    Approve: Minutes from September 19, 2017 & Announcements

2.    Report: M3M4 Review Subcommittee: 2016-2017 Keystone Annual Course Review

3.    Report: Curriculum Content Query: Substance Abuse

4.    Report: LCME Standard-Element: 8.1 Curricular Management & 8.3 Curricular Design, Review,  
       Revision/Content Monitoring

5.    Review/Discussion: Curriculum Review – Phases and Comprehensive

6.    Discussion: Course/Clerkship Governance

BREAK:  15 minutes (between 2:00 and 2:30 pm)

7.    Report: M1 Course Directors Gaps, Redundancies, and Sequencing and Other Examples

8.    Report: CBSE Scores Include Comparison to STEP I

9.    Report: Clerkship Distant Site Comparisons
       Ref: LCME Element 8.7 - Family Medicine and Rural Track Clerkships

10. Approve: Revised M3 & M4 Leave Policies

11. Approve: MSEC Policy for Student Transfer between Generalist and RPCT Tracks

12. Report: Actions related to MSEC discussion for development of means to educate/identify professionalism and responsibilities of both students and faculty

13. Presentation/Discussion: Faculty Development Video

14. Update: Portfolios (graduation requirement for Class of 2019)

15. Report: Outcomes Subcommittee Quarterly Report

16. Report: Administration Reviews
     Human Sexuality I & II Summary Evaluation Data

17. Update: Curriculum Mapping Update

18. Standing Agenda Item: Subcommittees, Implementation Groups & Technology Updates


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