Recent Minutes

Spring 2015

MSEC Minutes 4-21-15

1. Approve: Minutes from 3-17-2015 Meeting
    Curriculum Policy added statements – Clarification of CI Subcommittee flow of information
2. Update: M2 Review
3. Report: Review of Procedures form Clerkship Directors Procedure and Patient
    Log review of requirements
4. Report: M1/M2 Review Subcommittee: 13-14-C-COL
5. Report: M3/M4 Review Subcommittee: 13-14-A-Internal Medicine plus update
   14-15-A Internal Medicine post pd 1-4 Clerkship; 13-14-A-Psychiatry Clerkship;13-14-C-Specialty Clerkship
6. Added Agenda Item: Change NBME subject exam for Medical Human Gross Anatomy & Embryology
7. Report: Outcomes Subcommittee - postponed to May 2015
8. Review: LCME Element 6.3  - postponed to May 2015
9. Standing Agenda Item: Subcommittee, Working Groups & Technology Updates - postponed to May 2015

 MSEC Minutes 3-17-15

1. Approve: Minutes from the 3-3-15 Meeting
2. Introduction of Rachel R. Walden, MLIS, Associate Dean of Learning Resources
3. Update: M2 Review
4. Reports: M3/M4 Review Subcommittee: Annual Reviews for Family Medicine, RPCT and Surgery Clerkships
5. Reports: M1/M2 Review Subcommittee: Comprehensive for Anatomy
6. Approve: MSEC Policy on Periodic and Comprehensive Review of Curriculum
7. Standing Agenda Item: Subcommittee, Working Groups and Technology Updates
Letters from Dr. Olive to Drs. Means and Hagg re: IT Support

  MSEC Minutes 2-17-15 rescheduled to 3-3-15 

1. Approve: Minutes from 1-20-15 Retreat
2. Update: NBME and USMLE Performance Trends – Step 1
3. Review: LCME Element 7.3 Curricular Content – Scientific Method / Clinical / Translational Research
4. Follow-up: Course review on Path - Patho-Phys VS. Histo-Phys = percentage of NBME questions
5. Report: Curriculum Integration Subcommittee
6. Reports: M1/M2 Review Subcommittee: Intro to Physical Exam Skills, Profession of Medicine, Immunology
7. Reports: M3/M4 Review Subcommittee: Annual Review for June 14 Transitions
8. Standing Agenda Item: Subcommittee, Working Groups & Technology Updates
Letters from Dr. Olive to Drs. Means and Hagg Re: IT Support (moved to 3-17-15 meeting) 

  MSEC Retreat Minutes 1-20-15 

1. Approve: Minutes from the 12-16-14 Meeting
2. Introductions
3. Review: MSEC Activities/Actions Reports, 2013-2014 & 2014-2015
4. Review: Draft of Curriculum Integration Subcommittee Charge & Structure
5. Update: Process for Drafting Curricular Content Reports; Review of Draft for Human Sexuality
6. Proposal: Family Medicine Sr. Elective Integrative Medicine
7. Review: Procedural Requirements for Subinternships
8. Update: Biostatistics and EBM Coverage in the Curriculum
9. Review: LCME Element 7.2 – Organ Systems / Life Cycle / Primary Care / Prevention / Wellness / Symptoms / Signs / Differential Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Impact of Behavioral / Social Factors
10. Review: NBME & USMLE Performance Trends; Consideration of New Benchmark
11. Continued Discussion: M4 Curriculum
12. Update: Crosswalk for Institutional Educational Objectives - Quarterly Course Director Meeting, 1/26
13. Update: Community Medicine Clerkship
14. Standing Agenda Item: Other Subcommittee, Working Group & Technology Updates









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