Policies - Objectives - Procedures

March 2016
Policy - M3 Attendance/Absence Policy - pending format finalization

February 2016
Revised Policy - Inclement Weather

July 2015
Revised Policy - NBME Policy for Pre-Clerkship Courses MSEC

June 2015
Revised Policy - Policy on Clerkship Grading of NBME Exam MSEC

May 2015
Policy - COM Exam Administration Policies

April 2015
Revised Policy -MSEC Periodic and Comprehensive Evaluation of Curriculum Policy

Revised Policy - Required Clinical Procedures for COM Students

July 2014
COM  Institutional Educational Objectives

November 2013
Revised Policy - ETSU QCOM Policy on International Rotations

June 2013
Policy  - First and Second Year Medical Student Scheduled Time

Revised Policy: Provision of Sensitive Health Services to Medical Students and Conflicts of Interest Related to Student Evaluation and Promotion Decisions

Policy – Student Computer Usage During Electronically Administered Quizzes/Exams

March 2013
Medical Student Duty Hours Policy, revised

December 2012
Procedure - Professionalism Report

Policy - Exam Question Rebuttal

October 2012 
Required Clinical Procedures for QCOM Students [Latest approved revision, 4/21/15]
January 2011
Fourth Year Attendance Policy

Clinical Shelf Exam Policy [Latest approved revision, 6/16/15]

2011 USMLE Policy

June 2010
Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Policy to establish a formal “ Clinical Proficiency Competency for Promotion to the Senior Year

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