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2014 AAMC Graduation Questionnaire

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QCOM curriculum documents:
1) M1-M4 Instructional Methods 2012-13
2) M1-M4 Assessment Methods 2012-13
3) M1/M2 RPCT Instructional and Assessment Methods 2012-13

 LCME Standard ED-32

   QCOM Narrative Assessment Instruments - Formative & Summative

The 2015 LCME Standards Reformatting Project
Approved by the LCME on June 6, 2013

Changes to USMLE 2014-2015                                                       

Medical Education Resources

How to Create a Current Awareness Service from Medical Education Journals Using PubMed's My NCBI

Hospice and Palliative Medicine: Curriculum Evaluation and Learner Assessment in Medical Education
Sandra Sanchez-Reilly, MD, and Jeanette S. Ross, MD

Generalist plus Specialist Palliative Care — Creating a More Sustainable Model
Timothy E. Quill, MD, and Amy P. Abernethy, MD

2013 Poster Presentations [ ABSTRACTS ]


Team-taught Grand Rounds Promote Horizontal and Vertical Integration in a Discipline-Based Medical Curriculum

Innovative Technology Expands Student Laboratory Experience During Medical Gross Anatomy Course: Addition of iPads® in lab revolutionizes how anatomy is taught

Information Item: April 2013 - Example: D2L Analytics – Quiz Item Analysis Report

Information Item: March 2013 Meetings - Medical Library Resources / Ebooks

Information Item: November 2012 Workshop "How to Work with an Interpreter in a Healthcare Setting"

A Change to Pass/Fail Grading in the First Two Years at One Medical School Results in Improved Psychological Well-Being

Article related to ED-35 [Acad Med. 2012;87:300–307] – "Effecting Curricular Change through Comprehensive Course Assessment: Using Structure and Process to Change Outcomes"

Fitting it all in: integration of 12 cross-cutting themes into a School of Medicine curriculum

Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency - Molly Cooke, David M. Irby and Bridget C. O'Brien.
   [ Summary]


The Pyramid of Professionalism: Seven Years of Experience with Assessing Professionalism Among Medical Students” Parker, et al, Academic Medicine, August 2008

UNNATURAL CAUSES: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?